AGWA Apprentice Awards

2021 Queensland Apprentice Awards

Apprentices are the future of the glass and window industry. The annual AGWA Apprentice Awards aim to recognise excellence and honour their achievements.

2021 Queensland Rising Star

Zander Cannon

Coast & Hinterland Glass & Aluminium
Gimbal Training

Zander works for Coast and Hinterland Glass and Aluminium, Caloundra West, Queensland, and studies at Gimbal Training. Since he was a young boy playing with Lego, he always enjoyed working with his hands and the sense of achievement at creating things drew him to a job he saw advertised. After doing some research on CHGA, he realized this was the ideal job and industry for him. In his studies, Zander has shown a ‘can do’ attitude and a passion for what he does that is rare in a young person. He is a fast learner and will try his hand at anything. His employers say that he excels at every task, and this has earned him involvement in projects that a first/second year apprentice normally wouldn’t be involved in. He shows problem solving skills, attention to detail and uses initiative and is about 6-12 months ahead of his other first year colleagues.

Congratulations Zander.


This award is presented to an outstanding apprentice within the first or second year of their apprenticeship who consistently demonstrates quality workmanship.

To be eligible for this award the apprentice must have been 21 or younger when they commenced their apprenticeship.

2021 Queensland Commercial Fabricator/Installer Apprentice

Reece Green


Reece works for G.James Glass and Aluminium in Woodridge, Queensland, and completed his studies with them in December, 2020. He was always enthusiastic about learning new things and then putting them into practice. Reece started working with G.James in manufacturing, but was soon drawn to the variety and challenges in working with glass so happily accepted his apprenticeship when it was offered to him. He particularly enjoys the challenging jobs that require problem solving. He has a high level of concentration and application and is regularly sought after by other teams within the company. Reece has been highly commended by his teachers and employers.

Congratulations Reece.


This award is presented to a third or fourth year apprentice who demonstrates a high level of capability in commercial fabrication or installation work.

2021 Queensland Residential Fabricator/Installer Apprentice

Matthew Jackson


Matthew is employed by G.James Glass and Aluminium at Urangan, Queensland, and is currently completing his apprentice ship studies with them. Matthew knew from a young age that he wanted to work with his hands and get satisfaction from seeing a finished product. He found this with the glass industry which he finds super challenging but super rewarding. He also has a customer-focused attitude which is demonstrated throughout all his work. In his studies, Matthew is an outstanding student, eager to participate with excellent attention to detail. In his employment, he shows this drive through his pride with keeping pace with both his Master Glazier mentor and the schedule. He has an incredible work ethic, second only to his Master Glazier mentor, and this propels him strive to the top with persistence.

Congratulations Matthew.


This award is presented to a third or fourth year apprentice who demonstrates a high level of capability in residential fabrication or installation work.