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AGWA has a range of membership types for companies and individuals.

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AGWA delivers access to increased expertise for all members in key areas including:

  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Accreditation
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  • Safety
  • Marketing
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Company AGWA Membership Application

These membership categories are for company memberships:

  • Prime Window System Suppliers Membership
  • Window Manufacturer Membership
  • Glass Importer Membership (Glass Merchant)
  • Multiple Sector Membership 
  • Installation Membership (Glazier/Window Installer)
  • Supplier/Service Membership
  • Glass Processor Membership
  • Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance Membership
  • Education Membership (Company)

To begin the application process for any of the listed company membership types, click the apply button below.


Individual AGWA Membership Applications

Individuals can join AGWA in the following categories:

Professional Membership

Student Membership

Education Membership (Individual)

Regarding WERS Memberships

To become a member of the the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) requires membership of AGWA.

WERS membership is included in the following AGWA membership types:

  • Prime Window System Suppliers Membership
  • Window Manufacturer Membership
  • Glass Processor Membership

WERS membership is optional for the following AGWA membership types:

  • Supplier/Service Members
  • Multiple Sector Membership