On-Demand Training Courses

The benefits of training employees are well researched. From improved employee performance through to increased productivity and adherence to quality standards, the investment in training is always worthwhile. Expanding the knowledge base of your employees and improving the consistency of experience for customers enhances your company reputation and profile.

Lifelong learning must now be a part of everyone’s career plans. On-demand online training is a perfect option for businesses that need to train employees without the loss of a whole day’s away from work or to make good use  of any downtime in the market. AGWA’s courses are written by industry experts and are specifically designed to meet the needs of industry and provide a career pathway for industry members.

AGWA’s online courses have a clear focus on skills development and are available to start at any time. Explore our course list and register below.


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On-Demand Course Outlines

NEW Glass Induction

This Glass Induction course has been designed to introduce glass to a new employee. It covers how glass is made and the different types of glass available today. It looks at safety glass , IGUs and introduces the concept of energy and energy efficient glass. It introduces technical definitions that are common language around the workplace, along with the NCC and glass standards. The concept of human impact and its importance when quoting is also covered.

The aim is to provide employees that are new to the industry with sufficient understanding to feel comfortable interacting with customers and other staff right away.

The course takes approximately 2 to 3 hours and includes narration, videos and a quiz at the end of each module that must be passed before moving onto the next section.

Window Induction

The Window Induction course is designed to be part of the induction process for new employees in the window and door industry. The aim is to provide them with sufficient understanding of the terminology, glass, framing materials and other aspects of the industry that are vital to enable them to communicate well - right from the time they begin work.

The course takes 2 to 3 hours and it is recommended that it is completed over a few days.

AS 1288 Basics

Australian Standard (AS) 1288:2006 Glass in buildings - Selection and installation is of vital importance to the window and door industry. Understanding the content of the Standard can be difficult, particularly if simply reading it.

This online course introduces the basics of AS 1288 Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8, and covers:

  • The scope of the Standard
  • Materials and definitions
  • Glass selection
  • Human impact
  • Installation

The course takes between 2 to 2.5 hours and does not have to be completed in one sitting.

Access to a copy of AS 1288, including the three Amendments, is required to complete this training.

The AS 1288 Basics course is a component of the Accredited Company Program Skills & Training Pillar. This course is also offered in as one of our Instructor-Led Courses.


The requirements for restricted window openings for the prevention of falls from windows to meet the National Construction Code (NCC) can be very confusing. This course was developed to promote and clarify understanding of the requirements.

The course steps through the regulations and provides additional information and clarification. The training is supported by a flowchart to provide an easy way to identify the restriction requirements. An optional module is also included that covers the requirements for restricted openings for New South Wales Strata.


This online course covers all the basic information about windows and energy:

  • U-value
  • SHGC
  • Visible Transmission
  • The influence of framing materials and glass
  • IGUs and secondary glazing
  • The effect of climate, orientation and shading
  • How to translate energy requirements into real windows

Windows and Doors in Bushfire-Prone Areas

This course introduces and explains the window and door requirements in AS 3959:2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas. The course covers:

  • Bushfire screens
  • Bushfire shutters
  • Timber and other materials
  • Radiant heat
  • Ember attack
  • Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs)
  • Testing
  • Weepholes and gaps

NEW WHS Foundation

The WHS Foundation course has been designed as an industry specific online training course for all employees of the glass and window industry. The course includes a comprehensive WHS manual and links to many WHS and safety resources for use within your organisation.

  • Module 1: Overview of safety responsibilities
  • Module 2: Managing WHS in the Workplace
  • Module 3: Risk Management
  • Module 4: WHS in Practice

There is a quiz after each module and the course finishes off with a customisable safety induction sign off ready for you to put straight into your WHS register. The course also works in association with the Safety Resources for AGWA members available on the AGWA web site.


This course explores the National Construction Code (NCC) as it relates to and impacts on the glass and window industry.

The course covers:

  • Purpose of the NCC
  • Building classifications
  • Structure of the code
  • Performance requirements
  • Alternative solutions
  • Barriers, light, ventilation and door heights
  • Accessibility: luminous contrast, hardware and manifestation


Acoustics are becoming more and more a consideration for new windows and for retrofit solutions. This course explores the science of acoustics as it relates to and impacts on windows and doors.

The course covers:

  • Sound and its attributes
  • What constitutes noise
  • How sound is measured
  • Acoustic testing
  • Glass and acoustics
  • Seals
  • Tips for customers

AS 2047 Course

This course has been designed to provide an in-depth explanation of all the requirements of AS 2047:2014 Windows and external glazed doors in buildings.

The course covers:

  • Scope and definitions
  • Performance
  • Framing and finishes
  • Glazing
  • Components
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Labelling and certificates

The AS 2047 course is a component of the Accredited Company Program Skills & Training Pillar.

Wind Loads for Windows

This course explores how wind loads are determined. It does not provide instruction on determining wind loads but illustrates how complicated doing so can be due to the many factors that need to be considered.

The course covers:

  • The Standards that cover wind loads for housing and other buildings.
  • The difference between wind speed and wind load.
  • The various types of loads including SLS and ULS.
  • How wind loads are determined for all building types, including:
    • Wind regions
    • Terrain category and terrain/height multiplier
    • Topography and topographic multiplier
    • Shielding

AS 4055 Tool Licencing

The AGWA has developed an online tool to determine the wind load ratings for residential housing as required under AS 4055 Wind loads for housing. The tool is available to all AGWA members who have completed this training.

The training covers how Google Earth can be used to obtain the site data that is required to be entered into the tool, including wind zone, terrain, topography and shielding. Once the rating has been calculated, the tool produces a certificate that shows all the data that was used as well as the results. It should ideally be used in conjunction with the window’s purchaser. This certificate can be used as evidence to support the selection of both the glass and the windows.

An extensive assessment must be passed before the license to use the tool is granted. There is no license fee or ongoing costs associated with the use of the tool.

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Additional Information & FAQs

All AGWA's On-Demand courses are delivered online through MOODLE. We have collated some general information on course structure and progression below.

  • A course can be commenced at any time within 30 days of your registration being confirmed. If you require an extension, please email our Training Department
  • Users can save their progress and exit the course at any time. Courses can be completed over multiple sessions.
  • Each course is divided into several Modules. Each Module includes a quiz to ensure that the information has been absorbed. Students must successfully complete each quiz to proceed to the next Module. Quizzes cannot be skipped.
  • Certificates are automatically generated upon successful completion of the course, and are downloaded from MOODLE.
  • CPD points are assigned upon successful completion of the course.

If you have a question that isn't answered above, please email our Training Department.