AGWA Industry Awards

2020 Western Australia Service Award

Stephen Harris

Walshs Glass

Steve has been in the glass industry at Walshs Glass for 45 years, working his way up from beginning as assistant in the aluminium department making shower screens and security doors.

As his experience and exposure to all areas of the business grew, he moved into managerial roles, initially in procurement management before moving into the technical area. Steve oversaw the installation and training of Walshs glass processing machines, a highly technical area which saw Steve travel to the US to learn how to operate a Tam Glass furnace, help dismantle it and ship it back to Perth.

On its installation at Walshs, he worked closely with the technicians learning the optimal operational techniques and developing training programmes. Subsequently he taught the company’s glass processors successfully and efficiently how best to use the machine.

Steve’s technical achievements also include developing and operating the first straight line edgers and straight line bevellers, and is credited with installing the first double-edger in the country.

Additionally, he has been heavily involved in developing and mentoring the glass industry’s next generation, as he has been personally involved with more than 50 apprentices who have been through Walshs doors.