Why Accreditation Matters

Every day it seems, all across Australia, we see headline after headline showcasing under-performance, defective work, or the use of non-conforming products in the building industry, highlighting the need for reform in the construction sector and, more recently, Government’s response to this growing issue.

In the glass and window industry, there is a growing trend of products being installed by untrained labour – particularly for windows, shopfronts, shower screens, balustrades, splashbacks and pool fencing. This introduces risks of the wrong product being installed in an incorrect manner that may not be evident at first – but may present an inherent safety risk or failure in the future.
AGWA submission to the Non-conforming Building Products Senate Enquiry

Our Programs

The Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) manage both a company and an individual accreditation program, the Accredited Company Program and the Master Glazier Program respectively.

Accredited Company Program

The AGWA Accredited Company Program provides a comprehensive framework to develop and demonstrate the skills, experience, safety and integrity of a company’s production systems by formally recognising and promoting competence and expertise in window production, glazing and related activities. It makes it easier for companies doing the right thing to stand out from other operators.

The program has three pillars to become accredited to:

  1. Compliance
  2. Skills and Training
  3. Safety

AGWA Accreditation is about confidence – for members, consumers and industry – that the products supplied and installed comply with Australian Standards and conform to the National Construction Code (NCC).

AGWA Accredited Company Program

Master Glazier Program

The Master Glazier Program is run as a stand-alone program which is available to all active or in-training glaziers, whether they are employed by a member or non-member company. This is to encourage a larger proportion of the industry to participate and inspire more companies to be involved with the glass industry’s development and growth. 

The program provides a defined career path that starts as an Apprentice Glazier, moves on to becoming a Qualified Glazier, with the aim to eventually achieving, firstly Certified and then Master Glazier status.

AGWA Master Glazier Program